Retreating & Renewal

I had the privilege of facilitating another women’s retreat this past weekend. Our topic was ‘Reclaiming Your Best Self.’  The gathering place was a remote sanctuary on a beautiful horse ranch.  We began with a meditation, then sat back to reflect; far removed from the noise of daily life. 

The power of taking a time out, in a facilitated retreat setting, is immeasurable.  No technology, no interruptions, no distractions—just pure focus.  This latest retreat was a group of long-term friends who were all facing similar transitions in their lives. This weekend, they wanted a personal growth component to their time together.

I love facilitating groups as we all learn from one another.  When one person opens up, we can see aspects of ourselves in their journey.   When we step back and take the time to examine our lives with objectivity and compassion, we show up with more clarity.  This clarity creates simplicity of purpose as we hone in on what truly matters on our daily path.  When we get clear on what matters, we make myriad decisions ahead of time.  We know what aligns with our most authentic expression and where we can make the most genuine contribution.  We move from autopilot to a truly conscious relationship with our own life.

                                                   TAKE IT WITH YOU TODAY:

You know where to find me if you’d like to host a group for a facilitated retreat.  A favorite program is a half-day workshop that focuses on your most important relationship: the one you have with yourself.  It’s amazing what a few hours dedicated to you can do not only for your psyche, but also for the many people who rely on you everyday.  All that’s necessary is scheduling the time to do it.