Let's Work Together

My coaching philosophy is not a one size fits all approach—it’s tailored just for you. I limit the number of clients I work with to encourage focused, individual attention. I provide a confidential, private time-out to step back and reflect on what’s working in your life, what’s not, and why. I work with motivated clients who seek personal growth, increased awareness, and a strong desire to show up strong in their lives regardless of their challenges. My coaching facilitates transformation toward clarity, confidence, and a renewed, self-aware outlook for your daily journey.

  • I connect with clients in the states and abroad.

  • Regular sessions are 60 minutes.


Let's Talk

If you have an interest in coaching in my practice, complete the questions on the contact page completely and thoroughly. Depending on your needs, we may begin with a complimentary 30-minute mini-session to answer your questions and discover how we might work together. I am currently booking 4 to 6 weeks out depending on your schedule.

Get Centered, Feel Strong, Live Inspired

12 Weeks of Intentional Focus

A comprehensive customized package offering a focused program exploring what it means to be your authentic best. We work together to define your unique best-self vision, understand why you’re not there, and create a strategic behavioral course to help you get there and stay there. We examine lifestyle, relationships, daily routine, and patterns. We identify your signature strengths, how to cultivate and live from those strengths, and systematically transform how you show up with greater well-being in your life. Journaling required.

  • Level I: Foundation: Get Centered

  • Level II: Traction: Feel Strong

  • Level III: Transformation: Live Inspired

Investment:  $1500

Why Did I Eat That?

Snap Out of Emotional Eating

This introductory program is designed for the client who knows what to do, but can’t consistently do it. We work together on understanding your habitual triggers and create a specific plan for overcoming self-sabotaging, long-held patterns of using food for comfort and escape.

  • 4 weeks, 4/60-minute sessions

  • Email communications as needed

Investment: $500

Less Stress, More Joy

Tools for Wise Response

How do you manage stress in real time in your life? When life gets busy and complicated, knowing the tools for showing up calm and centered is essential to our well-being. This package will help you understand your thought patterns and provide tools and strategies for a calm, centered more joy- filled approach to your day.

  • 4 weeks, 4/60-minute sessions

  • Email communications as needed.

Investment: $500

Today Feels Hard - This Wasn't Part Of The Plan!

Strategies for Showing Up Strong

This customize program introduces tools and strategies for navigating a difficult life challenge. We all face unexpected challenges through the course of our lives; we feel out of control and unsure of our path moving forward. This program provides you battle-tested techniques and daily practices that help you embrace what’s hard, frame it constructively, and transform it in a productive, life-serving way.

 Investment:  Customized program length as determined by Coach-Client


This week matters.
 You matter.
How you show up matters.

I invite you to a confidential hour a week to focus on YOU.
We all have moments in our life when it’s not “all good” and we may not have the courage to “lean in” or the confidence to “just do it.” Similar to a personal trainer at the gym, my coaching offers objective feedback, techniques, and proven methods to help you rise up to your best self and focus on what matters most to you in your life.

I’d love to hear from you.