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As the program director of the Executive Health program at The University of Kansas Health System incorporating resilience training and a psychoeducational component to our client's comprehensive health evaluation was a top priority. Kristin's background and wealth of experience was integral in helping launch this valuable feature of our program. Our corporate clients spoke glowingly of Kristin's ability to relate to stressors and demands unique to their professional and personal situations. Moreover, the coaching she provided helped our clients initiate change to deal with these situations in a healthy and effective manner. On a personal level, Kristin is a joy to work with and her insight and professionalism have been treasured by all those who have been blessed to cross paths with her in our office.


Executive, Development, & International Section; Division of General Internal Medicine, Mayo Clinic 

Few people can claim to be pioneers in a field, and in my 45 years of experience in counseling and wellness, only a handful stand out; Kristin Webster is one of those individuals. When others caught the early wave of wellness then changed to pursue another trend, Kristin prevailed, in her career and in her personal commitment to wellness and women’s well-being. As the designer and leader of one of the nations first wellness programs AT&T's 'Total Life Concept", I enlisted Kristin to teach classes on Stress Reduction, Weight Management, and Interpersonal Communications. Her skills as a therapist and her in depth understanding of women’s issues resulted in the best outcomes we experienced in the wellness program. To state it simply, Kristin changes lives. Her intellect and knowledge place her among the elite with the therapists I have known throughout my career. Her personal life experiences provide a unique base of understanding that few therapists can offer and she lives the life that she promotes. However, the main thing she offers is something very special, a total commitment to everyone she encounters. When you engage with Kristin you will know immediately that you have her undivided attention and she is interested in one thing only, your well-being and happiness.

Tony Mendes, Ph.D.

Author, “Inspiring Commitment – How to Gain Employee Loyalty in Chaotic Times”
Managing Director and Professor – University of Missouri – Kansas City

In launching the first INDULGE event, I reached out to Kristin for her bright spirit and the wisdom. Her support and encouragement played a huge roll in my ability to achieve the execution of the event. What was truly amazing was the words and workshop she shared with the 75 women at INDULGE. She had such an amazing impact on their confidence and strength that I have continued to hear how her words and lessons have been carried on to their every day lives. I am forever grateful that Kristin shares her time and energy with this group.

Sarah M. Buchanan


Kristin's compassion, intellect, and integrity are beyond measure. I will always be grateful for all that I received from her and how she works. Kristin is a remarkable being and it's such a privilege to work with her. I have continued to work with Kristin for clarity coaching because she is the best fit for me, whether it be coach, mentor or both. I was merely surviving, going through the motions to make it through another day of my unhappy and very stressed existence. I often described it to Kristin as being on auto-pilot. A crisis happened that spurred me to get help, and thankfully I was referred to Kristin. Professional, approachable, compassionate, patient and empowering are just a few words to describe this remarkable and humble soul. I have so much respect and gratitude for Kristin's integrity, knowledge and skill sets. If you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with Kristin, do not wait for a crisis. I have so much gratitude for this coaching experience and relationship.

Sharon W.

Kansas City

Kristin's coaching has changed the way I show up, both professionally and with my family. She opened my eyes and mind to new things. If you want impact coaching--she's your coach.


Executive, Kansas City

Kristin truly knows how to listen in a way that makes me feel heard and understood. She is skilled at meeting me where I am and helping me find clarity in my daily path. Our weekly clarity coaching has changed my life! I'm better at home, at work, and for myself.


Washington, DC

Working with Kristin is one of the best investments I have ever made in myself. My work with her was the missing piece of the puzzle I needed to stop the yo-yo dieting cycle I had been on. She is always so kind and yet still capable of telling me the hard truth I need to hear in a compassionate way. While she helped me immensely with weight loss as that was my primary goal, our work spilled over into the other areas of my life and benefitted them greatly as well.



I have been blessed to know Kristin for over 15 years. She is one of the most grounded, passionate, and authentic leaders I have ever met. She is committed to empowering others to find their strength and true North, and her work is both direct and inspiring. I give her my absolute and 100% highest recommendation!

Patti Phillips nacwaa

National Association of Collegiate Women Athletic Administrators
Chief Executive Officer


Kristin has been my thoughtful, honest, and compassionate mentor for 25 years. Among her strengths are an unwavering commitment to those for whom she cares, remarkable listening skills and an empathetic truthfulness that resonates and changes behaviors. I consider it an honor to know and have worked with her.

Chris Monroe

Executive Director, Iowa Newspaper Association


In my work with Kristin at the University of Missouri-Kansas City's Women’s Center, I witnessed her tenacity and authentic desire for helping people discover their best selves. She is a one-of- a-kind advocate with a knack for cutting to the core of complex or difficult issues. Anyone working with Kristin would benefit from her knowledge, her passion, and particularly her genuinely beautiful soul.

Sarah Morris

Assistant Vice Chancellor, University of Missouri-Kansas City


My first encounter with Kristin was as her supervisee in a corporate counseling center. During our work together, she was promoted to clinical director. I was impressed by her finely honed managerial expertise and more in awe of her impeccable boundaries, quick intuitive sense of crisis response and, above all else, humility. Because of her innate sense of empathy, Kristin easily gains trust of people who meet her informally. Her stance with her loved ones, friends and business partners is generally the same: a quick wit, hope-based insight, curiosity and compassion. You will become stronger, wiser, more adept, and confident with Kristin as your mentor/guide; as a practicing psychoanalyst, I seek her counsel frequently and am greatly inspired, soothed and strengthened by her perspective.

Mary Lorton, Ph.D

Psychotherapist, Kansas City


There is a time in everyone woman's life when she needs someone who can listen, advise and empower her through life transitions. For me, that someone is Kristin Webster. Kristin's passion for helping women be their best is unwavering. She is a passionate professional who is approachable. Her wisdom, confidence and grace are admirable strengths she has demonstrated through her personal life transitions as well as her professional and volunteer efforts. She is intuitive, perceptive and caring in all her relationships. I can think of no one better to be a life coach.

Dawn Oliver

Executive Director Iowa Women’s Foundation
Former Executive Director Greater Kansas City Women’s Foundation


I have had the privilege of knowing Kristin Webster for more than 20 years and count her as one of the most admired women in Kansas City, and most certainly by me. What distinguishes her from others is that she lives her life totally supporting those around her…. whether it’s her beautiful family, friends, or those in need of guidance. As a parent, she facilitated experiences for her children and many others volunteering with less fortunate families through her many community leadership roles. She has generously provided her expertise in leadership and coaching to the various women’s organizations over the years. As an advisor, she is one of the wisest, most trustworthy and compassionate people I know.

Laura Shultz

Executive Director Northeast Community Center
Harmony Project KC


Kristin’s unique blend of gentleness and strength puts me at ease and invites me to learn and grow. She is an extraordinary listener and is committed to helping women discover their own unique calling and purpose in life. I have long admired her ability to develop relationships with a wide variety of people. There is a deep inner peace about her that is inviting and compelling. I would highly recommend that anyone seeking personal transformation or just support during a life transition turn to Kristin for guidance and counseling.

Rev. Carla Aday

Executive Minister

Country Club Christian Church, Kansas City