Checking Out to Check In

When my kids were little, part of my routine with them was what I called “quiet time.”  I had a special box for each of them, filled with simple activities that I hoped would capture their attention.  Every week, I’d add a little something to their box.  They came to look forward to that quiet time alone.  I loved this time because it allowed for getting my own work done uninterrupted. I didn’t know to create to my own routine with personal centering until much later in my life.  Now it’s become essential to my well-being.

 I don’t have a quiet time box, but I have discovered what I need to ground myself in the midst of a noisy day.  If I have the time, it might be a walk in nature.  If my day is full, it’s 10-15 minutes with my soundproof headset and some carefully selected melodic music that allows me to connect within.

 We all benefit from finding daily space for personal centering; the research is compelling. The fundamental element is quieting the chatter in our minds.  Just to be still.  This simple letting go is a challenge for all of us.  Our culture doesn’t reinforce doing nothing.  We live our days “on call.”  Answering the bell—whether the text, the email, another person’s urgency—is the way of modern life.  The practice of taking a mental break, everyday, is one of the best health practices you can incorporate.

 So use your smart phone for your benefit—grab some headphones, close your eyes, and listen to a soothing playlist for 15 minutes.  My current favorite is Dub Sutra. The first time I listened to the their captivating “Buffalo Dance” I was home—one of my kids burst in mid-song inquiring: “Mom, are you losing your mind?”  I just loved that question as that is exactly what I was doing—letting go of all the to-do’s, the rumination, the thought stream.  Now both my daughters are regular meditators and they’ve come to appreciate the unusually beautiful sounds of calm.

                                   TAKE IT WITH YOU TODAY:

 Take a listen to a favorite playlist @  Pick a song and close your eyes and welcome a wave of peace.  That’s it—nothing more:

·      Song on the Wind

·      Buffalo Dance

·      Embrace