Why Life Coaching?

I came across coaching later in my life and I found it life-changing.  My background is in counseling psychology and I was trained to provide guidance for clients dealing with emotionally significant situations.  Counseling and therapy are an important and necessary part of mental health.  I encourage it, I have provided it, and I know the benefits. Coaching is different.

The coaching I practice begins with examining your thinking and your internal mind chatter.  We have tens of thousands thoughts on a given day; they move through our minds like a ticker tape.  We are biologically wired toward a negative bias with our thoughts.  If we’re not aware of our thought patterns, we can literally be debilitated by our own internal voice.  If you’ve ever asked yourself why you feel anxious, why you overreacted, or why you overate when you wanted to be healthy—you may be out of touch with a most important aspect of your daily health—your mind.

Call it monkey-mind, autopilot, or just plain lack of self- awareness—what you illuminate and stick on in your mind matters.  My coaching helps you connect with your mind with clarity and sensibility instead of letting it run wild through out your day.

It’s a life changing practice to begin to really look at your own thinking.  It opens you up to a new kind of personal freedom—the freedom to connect your thinking with your behavior.  My clients describe it as “liberating.”  It’s the difference between knowing something and the profound feeling of true knowing.

Take it with you today:

Try paying close attention to your thoughts today.
What is your primary thought throughout the day?
Are you critical of yourself? Are you quick to judge?
Paying attention to your internal messaging is as important as truly listening to another.